Football is a game.

Football is a game, a game we all played when we were younger for fun and those memories of playing in the school yard and with friends are some of our happiest memories. has a commitment for the fun aspect to stay. The one to one coaching module is one that can be approached in a boot camp style and that may add undue pressure onto the participant.

This style of coaching is disengaging and does nothing long term to keep the love of the game with the player. has a clear philosophy that the session must be informative and fun. We should both (player and coach) always keep our love for football.

Why do we love football? It’s a game where we are all equals, It unites many people of different ages, genders and races together. I feel sometimes that our love for the game can be lost when football becomes ultra competitive. This may lead to parents and coaches attitudes changing, a win at all costs approach is instilled and voices are changed to a more aggressive tone.

Yes we want to test ourselves and keep progressing, but we must also have a duty to not add on unwarranted pressure to a child or young adult. I once played against a boy called Sonny Pike, Sonny had the world at his feet growing up, he was the face of a Nationwide TV campaign by MacDonalds and was scouted by champions league stalwarts Ajax.

This all lead to mass exposure at a very early age and that lead to a massive amount of pressure. When I played him later in his teens he was a shell of the player he was as he had fallen out of love with football. Sonny had potential but he was pushed too much and eventually burnt out.

With this in mind I feel it is our duty, whether the parent of a child or the one to one coach to make sure we assess how a child is feeling emotionally. Children are like Faberge eggs, we must approach them with the right language and test them the right amount physically to avoid overloads on their body. has a duty, morally and for the love of the game to make sure we are both keeping this torch burning. One to One coaching is a key component in a players progression but it must always be in a fun environment.

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